August 8, 2019


LONG BEACH, Calif. - As the Chevy C10 truck market becomes increasingly popular, United Pacific Industries is there to meet the high demand with top-of-the-line restoration parts and accessories. In addition to the array of lighting options, bumpers, mirrors, and accessories United Pacific has unveiled a full range of C10 sheet metal components. The lineup includes a Shortbed Bedside Panel for 1968-72 Chevy & GMC Fleetside Trucks, Bed Floor Pan and Tailgate with GMC script for 1967-72 Chevy & GMC Fleetside shortbed trucks. A blank tailgate will be available soon.
The complete longbed to shortbed bedside conversion is manufactured using high-quality 20-gauge steel and is stamped with all of the original contours and detailing. The panels come with a spot welded 17-gauge inner liner and includes the rubber tailgate bumpers. These unique panels also feature welded threaded nut inserts for the wheel well, tailgate, pivot trunnion, striker, tailgate support and have side marker cutouts that can be used on 1968-72 trucks.
UPI's Bed Floor Pan for the 1967-72 Chevy & GMC Fleetside shortbed truck is stamped with all of the original contour details in high-quality 18-gauge floor panels with spot welded heavy 14-gauge crossmembers. The floor panel features precision punched mounting holes for easy bed front, bed side, and wheel well installation.
The company's GMC Script Tailgate for 1967-72 GMC Fleetside Trucks features high-quality 17-gauge steel with GM licensed GMC lettering. The tailgate is made with a precision cut latch handle pocket and mounting holes. Additional features include two welded 5/16-18 nuts on each side for latch mounting, tailgate linkage posts, and tailgate trunnion pockets. All United Pacific sheet metal panels are finished with black EDP protective coating to keep new steel fresh, rust-free and ready for paint.
"United Pacific is committed to providing the C10 community with the products they need to build their vehicles to their own exact standards. Our C10 truck offerings are designed with quality in mind, and with the help of our open customer communication, we can ensure that their needs are being met. Whether you're replacing a rusted shortbed or upgrading your tail lights, UPI has you covered," said Jai Baek, Marketing & Creative Director of United Pacific Industries.
In addition to sheet metal panels, United Pacific offers lighting options made with the latest technology, front bumpers, mirrors and accessories for the Chevy C10 truck. The United Pacific sheet metal panels, parts and accessories listed below are now available at classic car parts dealers and

* Lights: United Pacific manufactures high quality C10 lighting with the most advanced technology to exceed brightness, efficiency and performance. The lights include high powered LED projection headlights, sealed halogen lights and award winning sequential tail lights.
* Bumpers: Available with a front or rear bumper. They are heavy stamped with all of the original contour details.
* Mirrors: Accessory options consist of exterior and interior door mirrors, and rear view mirror brackets.
* Window, Door and C10 Accessories: United Pacific's frame and body accessories include vent window frames, window crank handles, door latches and relays as well as window regulators and truck battery trays. The company offers chrome door sill plates and lower glass channels. United Pacific also has chrome air conditioner vent balls and defrost ducts available to dress up the interior. 

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