Porsche Drive comes to Asia

December 6, 2019

BY JOHN SMITH - New Car Quote Here 

2/06/2019 - The Premium Car Rental service “Porsche Drive” is starting in the Japanese capital Tokyo in December. It is the first Asian location of the offer. Porsche Drive started in Germany in 2014 and was then rolled out in France, Switzerland and North America. 

The service in Japan will be located in Toranomon Hills in Minato, which is in the southern center of Tokyo. It will provide a casual way to drive a Porsche for people who work and live in the Toranomon Hills and Atago Green Hills areas, and for inbound tourists at Andaz Tokyo. The unique package pricing includes a minimum of four hours rental time and a maximum of two nights and three days. It meets the needs of those who would like to casually experience Porsche cars in a flexible way.

Increasingly popular: mobility services

By expanding its worldwide range of mobility services, Porsche is responding to changing customer preferences and the trend towards digital, flexible and individual choice. This includes the sports car manufacturer making vehicles available for shorter periods of time. In the US, Porsche is offering the subscription model Porsche Passport, where customer pay a monthly fee for access to a vehicle pool and can replace the vehicles as often as they like. In addition, Porsche has launched “Porsche Host” in the US together with car sharing platform provider Turo. In Germany, “Porsche InFlow” is an offering allowing short-term and flexible use of used vehicles.


Please find information on the European Porsche Drive locations here: